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Asheville: My New(ish) Post

So I have been living in Asheville, NC for a little while now, doing the whole post college graduation lifestyle thing of working in the service industry, spending lots of time outside, doing things that make me happy, and living with awesome people. This town has been a great place for all of those things to fully manifest. One really great thing about my new dwelling place is the wonderful enthusiasm for music that is so potent in the community. So many of my friends are musicians or are nearly as obsessed with this form of expression as I am.

Shows of varying sorts happen nearly every night. From small intimate house shows to experimental gallery space shows and from classical orchestral concerts to rowdy punk shows, Asheville seems to nurture and produce them all.

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So being in this city I am going to reignite this blog and begin posting again. There will be some posts still just about music that I feel is inspiring and worth a good thorough analysis and also some post about local events and musicians.

The next few posts will probably be dealing with the festival(s) that are happening this upcoming weekend, the popular Moog Fest and the local underground counterpart, Foog Mest. There should be a lot of great shows happening so I'll try to cover some of the most outstanding of them.

For now though I will leave you with a song by the band Hello Hugo who played a great set last night at their cd release show at Bobo Gallery.

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