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Music as Rebellion

Every once in a while you happen upon a story that reassures your faith in something. Often I need these reassurances about Art, and this is a case of one...

The artist known as, Bombino is a Tuareg guitarist from Agadez, Niger. He grew up and has lived through two Tuareg rebellions. The first, during his birth, and second, after he began playing as a professional musician. But the government in attempt to hinder the rebellion, banned guitars from the Tuareg because they were seen as a symbol of revolt. Two of Bombino's fellow musicians were executed for the act, which drew him into exile. Filmmaker, Ron Wyman, heard a cassette of Bombino while traveling through the area, decided to track him down, and helped him produce an album. Since then, a full film has been created to tell his story and Bombino has been able to return and is now revered as a musician of the rebellion, playing for thousands of people and existing as a symbol and representation of peace, equal rights, and their rich, cultural heritage.

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