a thoughtful discussion about music



My name is Sarah and I am here to talk with the world about music. I am not a musical expert, just an enthusiast who likes to think deeper about what is entering her ears.

Music is art just as much as a painting or piece of literature is, but we don’t often sit down and have constructive, critical, and investigative discussions of the music that is produced for us. We don’t ask why it is being made or what it is about.

This is what I would like to propose that we do: sit down and fully digest and dissect the music that we love. By what is it being influenced? Why does it make us feel the way it does? Who even are these people? By answering these questions and (hopefully) bringing you some new compelling tunes to pop in the jukebox, cd player, turntable, or iMac, I invite you to journey with me into a world of resonance.

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